Sharing reliable content with the consumer has become a mandatory service for all types and sizes of companies. Premium knowledge improves visitor experience, creating a greater allegiance to the company and your brand.


We help our partners develop a competitive edge with quick, turnkey access to high quality, in-depth, step-by-step food and entertainment content for your Web site at a small fraction of the cost for you to build and maintain.

RecipeTips.com has chosen to limit the number of clients to those who understand the value of mutually beneficial relationships leading to successful progress as partners.


The parent company of RecipeTips.com, Tecstra Systems, is a well established systems development company. Mutual trust and respect, knowledge sharing, and the building of quality processes have always been key elements with all of Tecstra's client relationships in order to produce exceptional results that provide effective returns on investment for the consumer, the client, and the provider.

Application and Systems Development: Tecstra is highly experienced in developing entire applications for clients when they are seeking online functionalities that may be difficult to find as off-the-shelf solutions.

Systems Management: When a client does not have staff to manage an array of online services, Tecstra works with the client to identify the areas needing assistance and offers services to keep the online systems well managed, secure, and operating efficiently.

Marketing Services: Marketing services involve the management and related services for e-mail marketing, controlling all processes, and maintaining databases with identified results.

Tecstra Systems thoroughly understands the Internet and the importance of providing valued services to build a strong relationship with our clients. For more information on Content and Technology Services, contact Online Sales at (507) 437-1042 or click here to email us at RecipeTips.com (sales at recipetips.com).

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